How to Use a Wireless Subwoofer along with Wireless Speakers

Recently, a colleague was setting up a home theater system and was using wireless rear speakers. He then asked me how he could set up a wireless subwoofer. The main reason for wanting to use a wireless option was because there wasn’t enough space in the front of the room so you wanted to locate the subwoofer besides the sofa. They are actually quite a few options which I suggested to my colleague and let me go into some of these in case they are some readers who have a similar set up.

Using a wireless subwoofer along with wireless speakers can come in handy at times. The first option for such a set up is to use a wireless subwoofer kit which would be in addition to the wireless transmitter that is used for the rear speakers. This option will give you the greatest amount of flexibility since you are not tied to whatever technology is used for the wireless speakers. However, the drawback is that you will end up with additional wiring because now you are dealing with two separate audio transmitters and …

A Look at Today’s Wireless Audio Systems

More and more vendors have released wireless speakers is well as other systems which promise you ultimate freedom from speaker wires. I will take a look at some systems which are popular and discussed they features and also compare those with some other less expensive options.

Sonos is the company that has been providing systems for streaming music throughout the home. They have a range of wireless speakers is well as access points. What is great about Sonos is that the system is totally modular. It can be extended almost indefinitely. You basically buy as many components as you need for your home.

wireless speakers

Also, the signal can travel via network cable or alternatively via the Sonos proprietary wireless network protocol. They also offer repeaters which are important in case the range is not sufficient to bridge the distance.

There are other manufacturers which have come up with similar systems. Some of these systems are standardized by using technology which is based on Wi-Fi. Thereby, getting one of those systems has the advantage of you being flexible when it comes to purchasing additional components. Thereby you are …

How Much Should You Be Spending for a Decent Pair of Loudspeakers?

You can spend anywhere between five dollars and $10,000 for a decent pair of speakers these days. However, you might not always get your money’s worth when going the higher-and route. Some speakers are hand manufactured and thus are quite expensive compared to mass-produce speakers. However, hand manufactured speakers do not stare have much better sound quality then speakers which are produced using less expensive methods.

It is tough to assess the quality of a loudspeaker without doing an actual test. Some of the differences between models that cost $1000 and models it costs $5000 are very subtle. These differences can usually only be hurt by someone with a train hearing. Therefore, if you cannot distinguish between these speakers it doesn’t make sense to fork out so much money. Rather you should investigate your budget overall. Keep in mind that in addition to loudspeakers you most likely will also need money to spend on audio components which connect to the speakers. You don’t want to save on those components. In addition to having to pay money for audio components, you will also need accessories such as …